You will need a standard Phillips no. Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address. Grasp the drawer gently and pull until it is fully opened. Turn on the computer. Laptop keyboard Dhaka Brand name: Fn, can be used to set system parameters, such as speaker volume.

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Toshiba Laptop TE User Guide |

The Power indicator glows green when the computer is on. Connecting Other External Devices Connecting an external diskette drive Some operations, such as creating a password service diskette, require a diskette drive designed for use toshiba te2300 3. Getting Started Chapter 1 Getting Started This chapter provides tips for working comfortably, describes how to connect components, and explains what to toshiba te2300 the first time you use your computer.

toshiba te2300

toshibaa Device Settings The Device Settings screen displays a list of all toshiba te2300, wireless, and infrared for systems with infrared devices that are connected to the network. Toshiba te2300 on the connectors may cause memory access problems.

Page 95 If you insert the disc incorrectly, it may jam the drive. Set any specific options.

The computer is equipped with a PC card expansion slot that can accommodate two toshiba te2300 mm Type II cards or one toshiba te2300 Refer to Appendix E. Connecting Other External Devices Installing a memory module Additional memory modules can be installed in the memory expansion slots on the base of the computer.


See the video device documentation for additional configuration steps. If your printer is not on, turn it on now.

Page By changing any of the options that appear toshiba te2300 the dialog boxes and clicking Apply, you can reconfigure that function. For the number of a Toshiba dealer near you in the United States, call: Many software programs build in toshiba te2300 automatic backup, but you should not rely solely toshiab this feature.


F2 key method Turn the toshiba te on. To install a memory module, make sure the computer is in boot mode then: Page A collection of related information; a toshiba te2300 te200 contain data, programs, or both.

This manual tells how to set up and begin using your TE computer. Enter text from picture: L, D, D, D Note: Magnetic energy can destroy the data on your diskettes.

toshiba te2300

For more information about Hardware Setup, see key. Setting a password leaves your computer secure so that nobody can access your files. If you power down using the Standby command and the main NOTE toshiba te2300 discharges toshiba te2300, your information will be lost.

This is a normal protective feature designed to reduce the risk of lost data or damage to the product when used outside recommended conditions.

Do toshiba te use power-saving features. Connecting a parallel printer Toshiba te2300 instructions assume you have a parallel printer. Right Side It will stop glowing when the wireless communication is off. Turn the computer off in boot mode. Click the Toshiba Power Saver icon. Deleting a supervisor password Click Start, then click All Programs. Close the display panel. Keyboard Layouts Appendix E: The tpshiba right button performs the Universal scroll.

Toshiba te2300 is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness.