Also see “Reporting errors and warnings” , which follows shortly. TimesTen returns lock timeout and deadlock errors in this situation. TimesTen connections also support the standard abort method, as well as standard try-with-resource functionality using java. Assume a Connection instance conn. Example Prepared statement for querying This example shows the basics of an executeQuery call on a PreparedStatement object. Consider the following example.

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SQL statements that are to be executed more than once should be prepared in advance by calling the Connection method prepareStatement.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

In addition, some methods and built-in procedures return TimesTen data in the form of a ResultSet object. This overwrites existing data.

Free Clob or NClob resources when the application is done with it. For maximum performance, prepare parameterized statements. ClientFailoverEvent class This jdbv is used to represent events that occur during a client failover: This is the standard method as specified in the CallableStatement interface:.

It must be a primitive type. Handling errors This section discusses how to check for, identify, and handle errors timexten a TimesTen Java application. Implement a client failover event listener.

TimesTen result sets also support standard try-with-resource functionality using java. Managing TimesTen database con nections The type of DSN you create depends on whether your application connects directly to the database or connects by a client. Also see “Reporting errors and warnings” immediately below.

RowId interface and Types. Note that this would include any uncommitted updates made to the LOB within the same transaction before the LOB was selected.

Features supported by these classes and interfaces are discussed later in this chapter. Example Binding an associative array This is a more complete example showing the mechanism for binding an associative array. TimesTen does not support batch processing of LOBs.

There are methods to retrieve it in whole or in part. Th e OraclePassword attribute maps to the Oracle Database password.

(Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Com mitting or rolling back changes to the database This section discusses autocommit and manual commits or rollbacks, assuming a JDBC Connection object myconn and Statement object mystmt. This section describes the steps involved: Instead, you can use the TimesTen extended interface TimesTenCallableStatementwhich has a registerOutParameter signature that enables you to specify the maximum data length.

This section discusses autocommit and manual commits or rollbacks, assuming a JDBC Connection object myconn and Statement object mystmt. This saves considerable time and effort during development and debugging. Feat ures and functionality of JDBC support for automatic client failover This section discusses general TimesTen JDBC features related to client failover, and functionality relating specifically to pooled connections.

TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

All optimizer hints, such as join ordering, indexes and locks, must match for the statement to be shared in the internal TimesTen prepared statement cache. Example Prepared statement for updating This example shows how a single parameterized statement can be substituted for four separate statements. None orzcle the state or objects associated with the previous connection are preserved.

If both a lock timeout value and a SQL query timeout value are specified, the lesser of the two values causes a timeout first. I did all of the mentioned solution but none of them work for me. Search the entire error stack for errors returning these error types before deciding whether it is appropriate to retry.

See “Connect to the database” A sample TimesTen connection pool package is shipped as part of the Quick Start demos. Applications can call the following TimesTenConnection method to detect whether the database is valid:.