The Lenovo G cannot completely catch up with this. WiFi, Bluetooth With However, this is perfectly fine and also expected. There is access to the wireless modules as well. Here, the screen is running at full brightness and the high-performance profile and the wireless modules are activated. We recommend any buyer to replace the hard disk. The GPU is much more useful for another reason:

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The situation is different for contrast and black level. In battery mode, the GPU runs at a constant speed of Warranty The notebook comes with a month carry-in warranty. The acclaimed AccuType keyboard is ergonomically lenovo g858 to make typing lenlvo comfortable and to reduce errors. Whether Lenovo does a better job with the Lenovo g858, our test will show.

The screen surface is glossy.

Users of conventional netbooks should take a look at the Lenovo g858 G too. The fan runs constantly, but it can hardly be heard. Here, however, it should be checked before whether drivers are available for the lenovo g858 system.

The previous Lenovo G has an entirely matte casing only the display frame is shiny. The Brazos platforms were originally designed for netbooks, and Lenovo is simply packing this netbook technology into a n otebook casing now. Two connections of this type are currently rare in such low-priced devices.

lenovo g858

The Lenovo G is equipped with ReadyComm, an integrated communications management software package that provides a single, easy-to-use, intuitive interface for creating, managing, and sharing internet connections.

The battery has a capacity of 48 Wh. It was never designed to. G58 touchpad is from Synaptics and is multi-touch capable. Our test model comes with the expected range of communication devices. The performance of the netbook APU is limited. Only the bottom consists of matte lenovo g858. The good keyboard should be highlighted once more as well, something that should not lenovo g858 taken for lenovo g858 in such a cheap notebook.


People writing a lot get a good keyboard in an affordable notebook here. We lenovo g858 a test video FullHD resolution, H.

In this test, the G again beats the G, which offers a running time of 3: That is a really nice gesture. The hard drive cage is held by two screws only. It’s also good as a lenovo g858 player station in the living room, because it works lenovo g858 and has an HDMI port.

Even if the Windows 7 performance lenovo g858 lfnovo the processor as the weakest component, it must be said that in daily use, the hard drive is the weakest link in the chain.


The Lenovo G is much better here. Touchpad and palm rest overlap without lenovo g858. Touchpad The touchpad has a size of 9. They are ahead of the Lenovo G Offerings Description Multimedia YouCam 3.

The palm rest stays cool all the time. In the case lenovo g858 our test model, however, this would not be necessary. The tiny power supply 8. Therefore the 3DMark results do not matter too much.