If so, I would start with the first patched ROM the one that sets df[1: I re-install the JMB36x driver. This post has been edited by stasio: Dec 18 , Hi, finally I found this great forum that help me with many drivers that I use under XP and my new Asus Z87 deluxe-dual mobo!

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Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 1 Now I found a big problem in win 8. And if I try other driver like Nvidia? I ask you, for safety: This post has been edited by stasio: Jun 1 Jun 30 Show posts by this member only Post 7. JMBx Card Reader 1.

I did not experiment with the values of these bits except for toggling bit 6. Dec 18 Modify to check LBA access boundary to avoid device error.

Duufus, I had in the past this card: Header Type ‘non-bridge’ single-func Vendor: Skiprom works best for me in jmucron. Support IDE mode installation in driver package.

JMicron JMB363 Add-on Card AHCI mode

Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 9 Here the IDs: Option ROM not enabled by setting df[6], so the disks are not bootable. Why do you want to avoid the on-board SATA controller?

Feb 27 Can we get jmciron update for firmware v1. Linux sets register 0x41 to 0xa1, while the option ROM will set it to 0xf1 or 0x Welcome Guest Log In Register. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

Why can it be?. Any pointers would be appreciated. With df[6] set, the option ROM does not detect any jmicrob, despite spending several minutes.

JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

The system continues to be stalled for seconds and the goes well for about seconds. I have only a single IDE hard-disk.

Nov 7 Thanks a lot for your time. Aug 3 Show posts by this member only Post 6. Final configuration PATA not enabled because turning it on causes a hang during boot.

JMB36 Compliance Tool 1. That is just a waste of time. The sum of all bytes in the file should be 0x Aug 12 ,