This driver seems to work on all brands. I have turned on the vibrating option for both of my controllers, still not working. I have now uploaded the driver to my website; you can download it by clicking here. This driver seems to work in all Windows and it solves all issues; additionally, there is no need to restart your PC. I have been using your signals for few days and I am so amaz

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I had no idea such jite usb gamepad double shock 2 As I installed the drivers and started playing, I noticed some buttons were mixed up, and worse, the ga,epad stick on my gamepad had its axis switched out I was controling horizontal camera direction by moving it up and down and vertical vice-versa.

Just make a backup of the joy. I have no affiliation with this [oem-drivers dot com] website. What we’re going to do is just a little tweak to fake up our controllers and make the game recognize it as an XBOX Controller. shovk

Double Shock Controller Free Driver Download for Windows XP, , ME, 98 () –

Download and install this USB joypad driver. I have checked this driver in Windows 7 bit and here is what changed:. So, thanks again for the info man, I know I’m not the only one who feels grateful for your help!

Now, grab your controller to see which buttons working and which ones not. It can also help if your joystick or joypad has calibration issues like jumpy axes.

Founder of Elance Yasir Shah. I have now uploaded the driver to my website; you can download it by clicking here. When I followed your guide, and I went back to the game, everything was correct! I bought it today because I wanted to play some games will probably re-play prototype2 just because yes including Dark Souls, with it. It gives you nice options to adjust the level gamepd vibration; some joypads vibrate like jite usb gamepad double shock 2, so this driver can make them vibrate the way you want them to.

Analog Left and Right vibra works except for the Z-axis and other buttons on jitte top of the controller. Hi, mate Your signals are good.

[How-To] Play Using Generic Twin USB Joystick, PS2 Dualshock and HAMA

Tested on windows 8. Here are the screenshots I took while I run Prototype 2 game: Now, on to the thing. Plug your gamepad install the drivers so that the controller will enable the vibration 2.

I have turned on the vibrating option for both of my controllers, still not working. You’re Good to Go! Make sure you know your controller’s device name. The Binary Options Geek. Bootloader Follow Forum Posts: I already download all related driver to this device but still shok same result.

I used AVG Free addition to check this file and it found no threats.

Even when your controller says “Plug ‘n Play”, this game Prototype won’t let you control the gamelad with your controller. I have twin usb joystick by Vinyson… Any way I can enable vibration?

I duble want to share my knowledge and how I experienced this awesome game. Above driver link will take you to another website. Game Controller Settings jite usb gamepad double shock 2 not show any option that mentions anything about vibration. Razraal Follow Forum Posts: I’m using a dual dualshock2 to usb converter with model idPU or else where to find it. I personally am using Windows 7 bit.