Some other reason for low ratings is, and I quote what a 5 star rater said, “I just scratched my head when I read a “2-egger” comment he expected his board to possibly run on a cool day!!?? Labporn Diagrams Tutorials News. This board has been nothing but butter since I got it. Inter i7 – inc. What’s the deal with X58 and VT-d support? Single-function devices always have function zero present and no other functions and thus the function number does not change when a single-function device is passed through they are passed-through. In order to pass-through devices using VT-d they need to be bound to pciback to ensure that they are not bound to another dom0 driver and this free for use by pass-through.

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I hope I linhx ever get one either. Only discontent is that it only has 6 sata ports. You have got to be kiddin me! Annoyingly, this behavior has changed through the versions, but if 6 doesn’t work, you might want to try the 5.

I am looking to get the same board, so your feedback is greatly welcome. Want to add to the discussion? You also don’t get your passed gpu at boot time. Am I potentially missing something? Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: Upon boot the initialization gets stuck at “loading x85 ramdisk” and does not get unstuck. I could have kept debugging, as VT-d is supposedly supported at the chipset level via the Ontel, but I was looking for an excuse to buy one of these anyways, so I did.

As of Xen 3. Maybe there’s some way to trick linux into just trying to do it. This is also because I’ll cipset using a pci-e dual graphics card.

I remember when I did a lot of digging through Xen patches that they’d say why it would throw an error and then offer a flag to revert the behavior. This is a chipsrt thing people with X58 motherboards are doing these days. But if it doesn’t come with one then I think you should put one there.

IntelĀ® Chipset Software and Drivers

I can’t be certain of it. Or reboots for testing. Post about your home lab, discussion of your home lab, questions you may have, or general discussion about transition your skill from the home lab to the workplace. Yeah Cchipset suppose so. Try to be specific with your questions if possible. Intel sent us out a review kit of this new hardware so we are already able to comment on its Linux compatibility. I havn’t had to RMA a board yet, meaning I havn’t gotten a faulty board yet.

It doesn’t really do anything other than claim PCI devices for itself to prevent other drivers from doing the same.

Intel Core i7 On Linux Review – Phoronix

I cipset intend to overclock at all for now: Well, yeah I havn’t really had much luck with asus boards, The computer I listed above is what I am building soon. Submit an awesome link!

Mind you, I’m not a hardware person by any stretch and have no plan to build my own. My proc does support VTD and I never tried with a proc that does not. Drop a line on the KVM-devel mailing list.

I mean, it seems to pass devices to pci-stub just fine. I guess I’m asking if I can only: Why would you house your storage on such, or introduce the instability of a passthrough box to your storage box?

Thanks And I would like to hear from both of you!