I was also only successful in installing the desktop version from the main site. The Lithium-ion battery in this Holux GPS receiver offers a battery life of 20 hours ideal for accomplishing longer journeys without the need of frequent charging. Your email address will not be published. Thanks a lot for your blog. You should now have a new file in the output folder you chose, and can import that into whichever software you want to use. It is a great GPS logger It is light, work pretty well, fast and not so expensive.

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Download the free software BT at sourceforge.

On Snow Leopard That fixed it up for me. Am trying to follow the above on OSX Yosenite.

Holux M-1000C Handheld

I suppose an intermediate step worthy of study is to clean up the gpx track before using it, smoothing it out with gpsbabel. Turn on the device! Buy Now More Info. This little device which is no bigger than a small matchbox does the trick! This was one of the reasons why I created our Unleashed uolux the first place: It does download the track but when I try to export it it tells me there were any filter set prohibiting the export not matter what export format is used.

Skip to main content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Many people, including me and some of our customers have had problems getting track-logs off of their GPS Loggers, because most manufacturers only provide Windows software for their devices, and usually not even that is very useable.

Holux MC Outdoor GPS

What can be wrong? Last one Free shipping.

Luckily, Mac OS X already comes with the m1000v you need. I own a Holux M With 66 parallel satellite-tracking channels, this Holux GPS receiver ensures quick and precise positioning. Additional Product Features User Interface. Check our blog for further details. I have using it replacing my internal cellphone GPS as well as a logger hoolux I ride my bike. As a bonus the device works with my Android phone and tablet for GPS navigation saving me valuable battery life and from having to pack my bulky Garmin GPS while traveling!

I have been able to load the program and connect the Holux C. I need to get more familiar with all the options but at least now I can get to my tracks! And for the MC, the M must be selected …. This will get the Raw Log M1000d.

Best Compact GPS logger. You should now have a new file in the output folder you chose, and can import that into whichever software you want to use. People who bought this also bought.

Many years later, nothing has changed. Thanks for the suggestion to use the ZIP vs. You may also like.

Holux: Holux M-1000C and M-1200E and Mac OS X

Hi, Thanks a lot for your blog. Thanks for your help. But you need to get the data off the Holux first, and that has been a problem for most Mac users. Is there any specific driver or SW required that would enable this?