The stereo camera The BlackBird 2 is recommended to use as a flight camera on a radio controlled model quadrocopter, cars, aircraft, etc. Component placement on the perfboard is not critical. Set the plastic pieces down into the foam for a recessed fit. Do this to the other lens too. Because marginal video amplitude can cause intermittent video sync problems during weak RF signal events.

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Skip to the next post to continue reading about building the project. And the DiY video buffer is also used to restore the eachine DVR’s video level to standard amplitudes too. Posted October 29, The flight stereo camera The BlackBird 2 has 3 analog video outputs, with which you can simultaneously receive video: You can use one of the standard FPV video transmitter and a video receiver with a frequency of MHz, 1.

Component placement on the perfboard is not critical. The Main enclosure has some supports already included in headp,ay STL file. Headplay FPV battery mount. Already have an account?

It’s a bit boxy looking, but the simple 3D printed shapes ensure successful printing on nearly any printer. The task requires electronic skills and a 3D printer, so it’s not a project for everyone. You can remove it and go back to the Fresnel lens at any hezdplay. I haven’t tried alternate firmware. The diversity board includes the OLED display and buzzer. Headplay SlyVersity receiver upgrade.

HeadPlay HD Goggle Upgrade: Add GHz Diversity & DVR – Video Piloting (FPV/RPV) – RC-CAM Forum

Also you can use it in your surveillance system! After printing the top and back screw mounts you’ll need to heat-set five M3 brass inserts. Installing the camera module to the VTX now no need to think about where to position the video transmitter and how to fix.

Do this to the other lens too. Either way thanks for coming up with this setup. I get something that looks like Chinese characters and no response to the button. Compatible with the FatShark Raceband 5. You should be amazed at how much better things look.

Do I need any stepup board to 12v in order to run the diversity? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. These four signals are shown on the schematic at reference LCD1.

The inserts go on the side with the larger diameter hole and must be flush with the plastic part’s surface. V- Common Ground Note: Posted January 7, edited. It easily attaches to the “gopro” style mount on the back of the headset. Later you can tweak for best hedaplay image under all camera lighting conditions.

3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2

Cut its headllay so that it is about the same size as seen in the photo below. The adhesive side of plastic tape works well to lift the dust specs too. Unfortunately I’m swamped with other projects and don’t have time to do it.

I am running my Headplay with 2s lipos but on the RX I can see 3s-4s power input.