Phase 5 Wake Surfboards. Little tweaks seem to make it better.. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Definitely a great way to film wakeboarding. What doesn’t belongs here?

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We had great results with the suction cup mount stuck to the front of the slalom ski looking back. If you are using the Dive Housing, it is waterproof to ‘ 60 meters If you are using a BacPac, here are the depth ratings: For us Loudoun is perfect due to the location. Thanks for the Big Kahuna link, too. Wxkesurf was someone on here that went to a lot of trouble to get the perfect suction cup mount location only to have the rope knock it off the boat.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Post in the tri-weekly image competition thread.


Wakeboarding – I bought the roll bar mount and thought it would fit nicely on the tower. For wake surfing one of the best options is probably a pole of some sort, since you dont need to worry about tough falls and the pole hitting you after you fall or losing it. My gopro was also 4 years old and worn down so that could have been the issue http: What doesn’t belongs here?

Had a gopro mount break and the camera fell off last night.

Used the chest mount since my friend didn’t have the floaty backdoor. I need to invest in scuba equipment.

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Show your main board next to your user name! Just be a bit careful with the suction cup mount. On the wakeboard, the other end of the tether attaches to my binding.

Your job is simple: Use the format Brand – Year – Model. It will float with the headstrap attached. The problem on our boat is most people cant point a camera in the right direction. Qakesurf interested let me know and I can post pics of the mount I made for the phone https: Please obtain a new Access Token on the gppro Settings page.

Regardless, I’m going to use the floaty back door and a tether for insurance. Wakesurfing – I’m thinking a wakeaurf cup mount on the back edge of the boat on the riding side would be ideal. Any one using an ion camera? We took the GoPro with us yesterday and the first mount I tried was the roll bar on the ski pylon. Floating backpack worked just fine. A replacement for the original which is now an anchor at the bottom.

Some where, some lake, there is a GoPro at the bottom. Ok, time to put on gipro second surf mount on my wakeboard and the rubber lock. No one else is.

Are GoPro Cameras Waterproof Without a Housing?

I found that the FOV is wide enough that GoPro from the boat back to a rider is not satisfying video. Submit a new link. Check out some of these useful links!