The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up. There are no drivers required. It touts features such as onboard flash memory and perfect download play compatibility. A message should show on screen indicating that it is safe to remove. As far as i know yes.

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Does G6DS Real save on-the-fly or requires a reboot to finish the writing the save? Review Hide similar threads.

G6DS Real FAQ | G6DS Real 8Gb & 16Gb

Let’s take a quick look at the official feature list of the G6DS Real OK enough of that. Buy DSLink flash card. The G6 team managed to fix Mario Kart 64 in an update, this means that they can probably fix download play games in the future.

The GUI has a touch interface and is skinnable. That’s right, another Castlevania screenshot, and another cart that can play it with zero lag.

You can open it from wherever you like, ‘My Computer’ for example. The G6DS Real only comes in a black flavour. What I need to transfer save game from cart-to-cart? Not much to write about here, so let’s take a peak inside.

All modern slot-1 flashcarts have low power consumption. The G6DS Real is very high quality, and all the accessories are also high quality.

Keep in mind however that the built-in moonshell is based on the 1. That seems a bit strange to me.

G6DS Real – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

You get a card carrying case not unlike the one supplied with the M3 DS Simply and R4 DS carrd is capable of holding 2 standard DS game cards; a wrist strap to use on whatever you like ; a USB extension cable, to make things easier; and a mini CD-ROM with the latest firmware and manual at least at production date. Although the team state that it’s easy more on THAT later to switch cases based on your preference, they’ve not actually announced any available alternate colour shells.

If you’re using Windows XP, when you attach the reader, Windows should bring up an autoplay menu and ask carr action you’d like to take – so just select ‘Open folder to view files’. How i can correctly use homebrew with G6DS Real? Once again, the G6 team relies on the older G6 menu designs. The reader works quite fast, but it scratches the G6DS Real a little bit when it is inserted and removed.

If you’re migrating from another flash cart to the G6DS Real and would like to carry across your previous gave game files, I recommend you use the following web-based application created by GBAtemp’s very own Shuny Unfortunately, the G6DS Real does have its downsides.

However, it was very high quality, and looked to be the right size.

G6DS Real Review

Upon closer inspection however, you notice that there is a chip sticking out right where it is labeled G6DS Real. How can i use skins?

The G6 Team informed me that the 2. Both options work just fine. A message should show on screen indicating that it is safe to remove. Unfortunately touch screen responsiveness is lacking, and you’ll constantly find yourself hitting the wrong option which can become quite frustrating.

So you might want to rename all your games when copying them. The only cart you can use is the G6DS Real. The fist bug is that the language is Japanese but you can easily change it to English that way.

Basically experiment a little.