If you get it going let us know crom. Wol is working perfectly with 8. I see that Realtek adapters have a mixed reputation, but that earlier versions of seem to work in FreeBSD; this adapter also works for me for Linux Mint 17 that I tried out on a spare drive on the new system. I think I’ve seen 5 threads started in the last week asking for this driver and nobody seems to know how to search It must be something in freebsd shutdown sequence that tells the integrated lan controller not to listen to WOL any more the corresponding light on my router is turned off in this case. Forums New posts Search forums. WOL never work, I bought this card to improve performance but i can’t use it if you have a new driver or something else for freenas thanks.

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Adding my name to the list of people saying thanks.

Forums New posts Search forums. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. I’ll avoid Realtek and check the compatibility list.

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Problems using Realtek RTLGR for LAN connection – XigmaNAS

Can one of the admins bookmark this thread? Also my hard drives are all RPM, so that probably is effecting performance as well. I’d been looking at Intel cards, including that very model – I’ve now ordered one and will see if that cures the problem.

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RealTek 8168/8111 not working

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I take it you are using 1.

They both max out my gigabit connection. I hadn’t realised that. Realtek E Driver Install Works! Posting to say your driver, and instructions worked perfectly.

Realtek E | FreeNAS Community

That’s not so good. I am happy to hear read your info. Going to try it out EDIT: If the only change is the re driver, you should be able to work interchangeably between your builds and official builds. My mistake, though my intention was to post this in the AMD E thread, as 81111e question had been asked, but had not been answered. That way, if the upgrade fails, you can always do a clean install, and restore the config.

What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. The Intel worked fine, but not Realtek. Ideally, I’d like to get the built-in card working, but at least I can now look for an add-on network card. Thread starter andoy31 Start date Jun 7, Joined Sep 20, Messages Thanks The compiled driver worked for my bit FreeNAS install, and I was able to get into the web console interface.

WOL Realtek 8111E

Anyone point me to the right direction to have the network working. If you’re not sure whether your new generation Realtek chipset works or not, give the above driver a try, frrenas worked for me even though the documentation doesn’t say it works.

I think it looks good, you may just need to configure network interfaces option 1 in the console then either assign as DHCP or static IP. Realtdk New posts Search forums. Is the attached driver for x64 only?

The patch for realtek e is included in FreeBSD 8. I now realise I should have read more closely.