Documentation Documentation may be requested. Many different parameters can be set and monitored. Most but not all modes of signal generation seen under the ESG’s Mode key are supported. Many different types of measurements, including the bit error rate BER , are possible. Three platforms corresponding to the main profiles of the DVB-S2 standard – broadcast, interactive and professional – are set up to achieve the following objectives: Test conduction, monitoring and control is automated, results are computed by post-processing tools. Challenges The experiments assess and provide results on the critical aspects of the operation of DVB-S2 by satellite in terms of functional behaviour and performance.

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The second and final part of test campaign will use commercial grade equipment with advanced Quality of Service traffic shaping device controlled by the network management system upgraded for ACM operation.

Loopback Fading

The test run is then controlled and the results are later assessed. Test results are being analysed and reported.

Many different types of measurements, including the bit error rate BERare possible. Objectives The main objective of the DVB-S2 Satellite Experiment project is to perform an in-depth verification and optimisation by satellite of the many new features present in the DVB-S2 lloopback, such as high order modulations, enhanced coding and ACM, through extensive test campaigns consisting of field trials and measurements.

The project now concentrates on the test campaigns in lab and by satellite: Status date Monday, March 20, – Join Our Newsletter Follow us on Twitter. Many features of this site require JavaScript. Skip to main content. The test cases have a modular structure and can be documented in easy-toreproduce, editable reports.

DVB-xx tests for set-top boxes | Application Card | Rohde & Schwarz

Contractor Portals esa-p daptiv esa-star emits. One possible error upon loading the configuration is a “conflicting instrument assignment” error, due to the PXB’s inability to configure the same signal generator on an input port and an output port.

Most but not all modes of signal generation seen under the MXG’s Mode key are supported.

Picture quality can be assessed interactively by the user or automatically by the system. Astrium Satellites, 31 rue des Cosmonautes. For signal generators that support loopback loipback markers, the PXB passes them through from input to output. Demonstrate that the new features of the DVB-S2 standard are functionally working by satellite for a large number of configurations and applications.

The signal is also routed to the DUT.

The required hardware and the corresponding connections are displayed in a graphical overview. Most but not all modes of signal generation seen under the ESG’s Mode key are supported. After the test run loopbzck completed, the results are displayed in reports which can be saved as well as evaluated and exported in a variety of ways.

[linux-dvb] AW: Re: Software-only Loopback DVB

The test software used has been developed to meet the highest quality standards and new standards are constantly being added. Features The detailed list of experiments has been defined to get the most consistent and valuable feedback for the verification of the new features of the DVB-S2 standard.

The digital baseband IQ signals to be faded are created on a vector signal generator using internal signal creation personalities, Signal Studio applications, or custom waveforms created by mathematical modeling tools. DVB-S2 – ready for lift off?

You appear to have JavaScript disabled, or are running a non-JavaScript capable web browser. The stream adaptation block passes down MODCOD information to the subsequent modules to indicate block size, code rate, and modulation to use for the transmission. Through these efforts, it is our objective to demonstrate to C4ISR users the flexible adaptability of using our E2IQ core in next generation systems.

Fraunhofer IIS Germany http: The stream adaptation block and GSE deframer blocks then remove the BB header and decapsulate back into Ethernet packets, respectively. Phase 1 has been completed successfully, with the detailed definition of the experiments, the test-bed equipment and space and ground segments. The PXB currently supports loopback fading with the following Agilent vector signal generators:.

The following theoretical performance gains are expected to be obtained in real satellite operation: Our E2IQ design comprises two main parts: