I thought to myself, why not save my parents some money and win a cool new driver that is not in stores yet, rather than buying a new driver that is available to all golfers. My handicap is around an 8 and i have had some problems with my driver, for several different reasons, one I think is because its staff is too flexible, I need a club with a stiffer shaft hahaha. I originally gave it 4stars as the grip was shoddy and it was expensive. Looking forward to seeing the reviews when they come out. I think I am the guy you are looking for. Golfing on the Edge 10 years ago.

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You see I have had it for 5 years now and it is getting pretty tired and is ready to retire. The zen that is golf provides an outlet from the daily exasperation of the job, media onslaught, elections and family distractions.

So much for the 1st amendment huh? Ct very good reasons…dont forget callaway ft iq tour can put up to 6 entries in.

Needless to say the mall police frown on this sort of behavior. I hope I win this sweet driver so I can sell it on callaway ft iq tour and use the money for hookers and blow!

Callaway FT-iQ Tour Driver

Sign me up for the newsletter. Aldila and THP Surprise! Hopefully if the new government bailout plan tpur and some part of the billion dollars trickles back down to me, then I may be able to buy a brand new dunlop driver, but I would still prefer to win the new Callaway driver.

Bobby 10 years ago. I went to a club fitter who works with alot of guys on mini tours and when he checked callaway ft iq tour swing weight it was fg d4 instead of the d2 you don’t get this service from a normal custom fit swing weights and counter balancing. Like most of these people who have posted, i honestly believe the driver will end up on ebay to the highest bidder. But the drivers have definately had callaway ft iq tour moments. Headcover and Tojr are Not Included.

WIN! – Callaway FT-IQ Driver Giveaway!

Please try again later! Anyway, I wish good luck to everyone. So please, please if you csllaway find in callawag heart, Put the FT-9 in my bag and give this callaway ft iq tour a fresh start! I would love to try this with a Rombax in an X flex: It would really help me abd my team: I feel i should win this driver for callaway ft iq tour simple reason.

After reading things written by people who have seen this driver I have become more and more interested in seeing it and wanting to own one.

Robert Miller 8 years ago. The rest of the golfers had the same feedback. We have gotten a lot of emails from people saying that they callaway ft iq tour tried to put our Callaway Driver giveaway on that golfwrx.

I would love to win one to get back enjoying the game. I am also the founder of Sgt Golf.

Well, 12 months on I felt I had to change my review. Get a spine men!

Tyler 10 years ago. Nevertheless please consider this as another entry.

Callaway FT-iQ Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

One thing callawaj Callaway failed to mention, though if you look callaway ft iq tour enough the information is there in small print, is the standard FT-iq is draw bias. Great looking driver…but can it deliver the performance. Drive for show and putt for dough…. Jonathan B 10 years ago. The callaway ft iq would make me feel great. After removing it from the box, I once again reminded myself that pictures toour not do clubs justice.