Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Features like USB 3. Power consumption in category comparison, green? Disk data transfer rate. However, the inch MacBook Pro, which has its own graphics-switching technology, lasted nearly 8 hours on the same test. The Geforce GT M isn’t the perfect candidate either, as shown by our gaming tests.

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During the chorus, the higher notes drowned asus n61jv the lower tones, making it sound a little harsh. The asus n61jv is good, asua loudspeakers don’t sound much better than in many other multimedia notebooks without a subwooferthough.

ASUS N61Jv-X2 Review

And of course, Optimus Technology means that asus n61jv GPU can turn off completely when it’s not needed, so you can get maximum battery life from the Intel IGP when you’re mobile.

When we connected the external drive asus n61jv a USB 2.

Obviously this isn’t meant to be an all-day mobile solution, and when we look at all of the specs together hours of asus n61jv life for typical tasks is quite good. Once we configured the wireless settings asus n61jv web browser, getting onto the Internet took just 15 seconds more. Hardly to auss asus n61jv is the large difference in the HDD scorethough. The volume meter records it clacking with up to The LCD n61jjv has a solid backing that doesn’t show any distortion on the screen of you press against the back of it.

ASUS N61Jv-X2: Optimus GT325M Meets Arrandale

The result is on par with a Core 2 Duo P system e. The glare type screen can improve the low contrasts optically. We’ll clarify these and asus n61jv questions in this comprehensive review. After we played a Hulu video asus n61jv full screen for 15 minutes, we were pleased to see that the N61Jv kept its cool; the touchpad measured 93 degrees Fahrenheit, the space between the G and H keys was just 91, and the middle of the underside was 89 degrees.


They are just pulled tight enough that we only need one hand to open the lid. One asus n61jv oddity that we mention more as a potential help than as a warning is asus n61jv we did experience a BSOD at one point during testing. We like the appearance and build quality of the N61Jv more than the Inspiron 15 as well, making such a match a no brainer. Users regrettably can’t connect a 5.

Asus n61jv join the team by clicking on “Join” on the right, fill in this doodle: We can first access n61v RAM after removing. ExpressCard34 slot for extensions. Thus, the HDD has a below average, slow cache. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Asus’ N-series represents multimedia and sound enjoyment.

Asus n61jv you are extremely frugal, you can reach almost five hours minutes with maximum energy savings. We loaded a game in the background for this. Finally, the USB 3.

The key’s surface only yield asus n61jv in the center. The reason for this disappointing battery asuus is the weak 6 cell battery with a capacity of mAh.

ASUS N61Jv-X2: An Excellent All-Around Notebook – ASUS N61Jv-X2: Optimus GTM Meets Arrandale

Ultimately, while there is plenty of competition, ASUS has done a lot to stand out from the crowd. The blue USB 3. If you’re not familiar with the ASUS nomenclature, the “X” following the main model name indicates a specific build for a major reseller, in this case Amazon. In case of the Seagate HDD, the burst rate is lower than the sequential read rate. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Our one concern is the panel hinges; they feel fine right now, but we’re using a brand new notebook.

We can bend the lid obviously with both hands. This effect asus n61jv starts slowly at a 10 degree asus n61jv from the front on the vertical plane. Asus n61jv Optimus switching works great, but benchmarks show a negative impact on the asus n61jv disk’s performance.