Therefore, there are a total of relays channels that can be driven from a single switch driver. However, Buyer shall pay all shipping charges, duties, and taxes for products returned to Agilent Technologies from another country. When installing the product in a cabinet, the convection into and out of the product must not be restricted. Pulse width and sensing delay can be set from to seconds. Refer to the section Example Speed Calculation on page for an explanation on calculating and minimizing overall switching time. The CE mark is a registered trademark of the European Community.

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87130A Attenuator/Switch Driver

All of these channels are set with the drive enabled. Used for menus, lists, dialog boxes, and button boxes on a computer monitor from which you make selections using the mouse or keyboard: Agilent Technologies shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

Always refer to switcy instrument by its full model number and serial number. The type of power cable plug shipped with each instrument depends on the country of destination. Determining Your Module Serial Number Environmental Limitations A serial number is attached to a label on the rear panel of the module.

The ambient temperature outside the cabinet must be less than the maximum operating temperature of the product by 4 C for every watts dissipated in the cabinet. S1 up is open or away from the PC board.

The distribution board has 31 4-pin black output connectors numbered J1 to J31 silkscreened on the circuit side of the PCAin addition to 31 mating cables which allow a cable harness to be quickly assembled to connect to relays. In a single enclosure, place connectors part number on ribbon cables part number to daisy chain driver cards.

Event Status Register Query Table All rights are reserved. If other switches are used, this energy must be limited to less than 10 millijoules to prevent damage to the switch driver circuit. An OPEN position should remove attenuation.

Vintage HP Agilent A Rackmount Attenuator Switch Driver Module System | eBay

This means that at the default setting, seven groups of four switches and one group of three switches will each take 50 ms to switch and verify. After the initial 30 ms closure pulse, an additional 20 ms time is allowed for the sense lines to settle. They do not adequately cushion the instrument or prevent it from attenhator in the shipping container.

The wrist-strap and wrist-strap cord are not included.

Agilent 87130A Attenuator Switch Driver – 30 Day

If the total power dissipated in the cabinet is greater than watts forced convection must be atyenuator. Contact your customer engineer through your local Agilent Technologies Service Center.

If this product is to be powered by autotransformer, make sure the common terminal is connected to the neutral grounded side of the ac power supply.

Connect the internal driver board of the switch driver which is terminated with a pin SCSI II type connector driver output to an A distribution board. Power requirements The internal power supply adjusts automatically to the input line voltage.

WIDTh on page To order from 3M, call.

Store or transport PC board assemblies and electronic components in static-shielding containers. It calls attention to an operating procedure, practice, or the like that, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in damage 81730a the product or loss of important data. Refer to the GPIB command: Used for the title of a publication: All functions are GPIB programmable attenkator the line switch and bus address.

Power cord In accordance with international safety standards, a three-wire power cable is provided with this instrument.

A Attenuator/Switch Driver. Operating and Service Guide – PDF

Addresses 0 and 31 are typically reserved for GPIB functions and should not be used. Please be as specific as possible about the nature of the problem.

The foregoing warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance by Buyer, Buyer-supplied software or interfacing, unauthorized modification or misuse, operation outside of the environmental specifications for the product, or improper site preparation or maintenance.

Assistance Product maintenance agreements and other customer assistance agreements are available for Agilent Technologies products. At this time an error and a programmed position check are performed.